My experience in the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Ohana Moon Yoga Studio was phenomenal. Not only did we have the best combination of teachers with Gretta and Joyce, but the self-empowerment was just as exceptional as the yoga classes. I highly recommend all classes and workshops from these wise women. The teacher training truly deepened my yoga practice and has motivated me to delve more into the teachings of the yoga world in the future.


A very fun, friendly, happy place to practice Yoga. Good variety of classes offered. Ignite your spirit at Ohana Moon Yoga!


Ohana means family and that is exactly how Ohana Moon feels to me. The first time I walked into the door, I was welcomed with a beautiful smile from Gretta and a nice big hug. The Saturday warm flow and yin was my first class and the music blew me away as well as the amazing class from Gretta. I was hooked! All of the teachers have talent and a way of having you walk out feeling good, spiritually and physically! I highly recommend Ohana!


Ohana Moon Yoga Studio is second to none. Being a student at this studio, truly is being part of an Ohana (family). I have made countless connections and cultivated many friendships in this yoga community. When Ohana announced they would be hosting a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with our local yoga community masters, Gretta and Joyce, it felt like divine timing in my life and I jumped at the opportunity. The YTT was second to none. We learned to practice true yoga in all forms! We grew as a group and also had the opportunity to grow independently through the full practice of yoga. I learned the importance of all 8 limbs of yoga; I learned how to break down poses, both Yin and Vinyasa, and how they connect to my body as well as energy pathways in my body; I learned how interconnected the chakra system is; I learned about the importance of meditation and to meditate with a mantra; I learned the art of teaching, with proper sequencing, music, timing, and had the opportunity to practice teaching my fellow YTT students. This YTT at Ohana provides a yoga teacher training for those who want to learn the full practice, those who want to grow as individuals, those who want to connect with a group, and those who want to become superior yoga teachers! Yoga has blasted my heart and mind wide open and Ohana has given me the opportunity to be my fullest and best self. The YTT I experienced at Ohana Moon was something so full and special and I would recommend starting your yoga journey nowhere else but here. And for those that have a yoga practice and want to start to grow as a teacher there is no better place than Ohana’s YTT program!


This is the most warm-hearted, welcoming and loving atmosphere I’ve ever been to. The workshops, classes and instructors are amazing. 10 out of 5 stars.


Ohana Moon is my favorite studio in the area. They offer a wide variety of classes from early in the day to late evening. The classes are accessible to beginners, and the culture is non-competitive. For a more advanced yogi, the power classes really work up a sweat. Pro-tip: arrive early to shop in the boutique. It’s stocked with locally made nontoxic candles from Align Botanicals, cute clothes, yoga gear + more.


This is the first yoga studio I have ever tried out. The employees are very welcoming and friendly. They offer a wide range of classes for beginners and for the most elite Yogi. I am very happy that I chose Ohana Moon. So far I’ve tried 3 different classes and have loved every one of them. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone I know!


Great community of people. Great classes. Power, gentle, or yin. You have options. And all of the teachers are great.


Love this studio! Everyone's so friendly and the atmosphere is inviting! Highly recommend!


I love this studio so much! Gretta is amazing and so are the rest of the instructors. Amazing vibe and I always feel so much better after class! I highly recommend this place!


The best yoga studio I have visited by far! So welcoming, non judgmental, and friendly!! Staff is awesome and helpful for newbies, and the people that go here are super friendly as well!! Highly recommend.


I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the February / March 2022 200HR Yoga Teacher Training at Ohana Moon and it was the most incredible experience and I am so so grateful for every minute of it! Gretta and Joyce truly showed up for us every day and it was so clear that they poured their heart and soul into everything they were teaching us. The passion they have for the practice and sharing it with others is so inspiring. Each day began with a phenomenal yoga class followed by a group sharing circle where we laughed, cried, grew, and connected with one another. I’m thankful for all the bonds that were created and sense of unconditional love and support that was felt in the studio every day. The manual Gretta created was so well put together and broke everything down in a way that was easy to digest. The lessons and anatomy labs taught each day were very informative and interactive and I loved having plenty of time to practice teaching in small groups with fellow students in the class that helped us to be more than prepared to teach our final class at the end. The whole experience was a positive one and I would recommend everyone to take a teacher training at Ohana Moon in the future, even if you are unsure if you ever actually want to teach the practice to others. I’ve always loved yoga but never knew if I would be ready to share it with others but the training left me feeling more confident and inspired than ever and helped deepen my own personal practice as well. I am so thankful for Gretta and Joyce’s kind and loving guidance along the whole journey as they shared their endless wisdom with us.


I highly recommend Ohana Moon Yoga. Gretta is so friendly, knowledgeable and knows how to keep you focused and moving forward. I am so grateful for such a wonderful place to go and feel relaxed and comfortable. Great vibe and energy here. Thank you thank you thank you!


I've been practicing yoga at OMY for about a year and a half. I came in as a complete novice and immediately felt welcomed and encouraged. All the instructors have helped me with modifications. In the last year I've had two major surgeries and OMY was a big part of helping me get strong before my operations and recover successfully afterward. I love this community!


I moved to Cameron Park nearly 3 years ago. I always wanted to try yoga but thought it wasn’t for me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. From the moment I walked into Ohana Moon Yoga I felt a peacefulness. The studio is beautiful with a calming atmosphere. They offer various techniques of yoga from beginners to the experienced. The instructors are experienced and passionate about their yoga. They are helpful and encouraging. I feel comfortable and relaxed before, during and after my yoga session. I found exactly what I was looking for at Ohana Moon Yoga!


OMG I don't know where to start, just have to say this yoga studio is the best. The teachers are all tremendous; they each have their own style and offer their students the best class possible. Everyone is made to feel welcome and classes are offered to fit all levels. I have been taking classes here for over 2 years and plan to continue for a long time. I also enjoy the fact that they occasionally bring in guest teachers and offer special classes (such as aromatherapy, nutrition, yin yoga with live music, etc.) from time to time. Gretta is the best:))


Lot's of good things happening at Ohana Moon. Excellent class selection, good instructors and comfortable vibe.


Ohana Moon is an exceptional studio.The instructors & owner are well trained professionals. They teach with joy & humor and it is always such a positive experience to attend one of their sessions.


Gretta and staff have created one of Cameron Parks most precious gems. We come together as a community, push ourselves, and leave better people. Thank you for this gift. If you are thinking about coming to a class or joining, don't wait...


I arranged for a private class as a team building event. We had a range of different experience levels with Yoga and Gretta expertly put together a class for us to help with stretching, breathing and stress relief. The class room was clean, and welcoming and she was able to find something for all of us. I was concerned that it might be a bit much but she helped give direction and support for my coworkers to make them feel comfortable. We all felt so relaxed after the class, that one of our teammates who couldn't participate instantly noticed a difference in how relaxed we looked. The class helped to open up my upper back and shoulders as well as my hips. Awesome to have such a great local business around. Thank you Gretta and Ohana moon yoga!


Such a wonderful studio. They have a variety of classes, inclusive of all degrees of experience. Everyone who works there is so friendly. Dana at the front is so sweet. She always says "Have the best day" as you leave which in turns makes me have the best day!! Gretta and Joyce are my two favorite instructors. They give you various options for each pose to ensure everyone is comfortable and enjoys the class from start to finish. Highly recommend!!!!!


I've never been to yoga anywhere. First yoga class ever. The people here made me feel very comfortable. Even the patrons were friendly and encouraging. I was nervous to try, but I'm definitely going back. Hope was an amazing instructor. The place and people have a great vibe!


Ohana Moon’s 200 hour Yoga teacher training remains one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a very long time. Being embraced by a constant safe space to journal, engage, sweat and explore freely was something that allowed me to uncover and intensify my own healing and spiritual light. Training magnified my desire to see and share the truths of Divine acceptance and interconnectedness. It gave me valuable tools to build upon this calling. Gretta and Joyce blended breath work, introspection, mantra, asana, philosophy, and teaching styles to deliver a truly unique and powerful experience. I am incredibly thankful to have such striking influences within my yogic journey and community.